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Imprints and Labels IML

Appreciating the importance of the appearance of the packaging for the attractiveness of the product, we offer plastic packaging decorated with Dry Offset or IML (mixed) labels. The Dry Offset Technique makes it possible to obtain all types of shades from a palette of several primary colors.
The IML method allows you to use design labels with virtually unlimited graphical capabilities and provides glossy labels.
We offer flexographic cardboard or silk screen printing. Printed cardboard packaging, in addition to the basic function of product safety, provides a number of other important functions. Aesthetic cartons increase the attractiveness of the goods and can be used as advertising media. They are suitable for placing information useful to the purchaser. They allow you to place warnings of extreme care in transport.


Dedicated Packages

With regard to plastic packaging, thanks to our partners, manufacturers working with experienced graphic designers, we offer customers help with their own ideas for printing or IML labels. For self-employed clients, we help to meet the design requirements of manufacturers for: project delivery forms (electronic files), description of delivered files and media, and detailed design requirements.

In the case of individual needs with a sufficiently large scale, in cooperation with the producers of their own mold production, we can undertake the supply of packaging of shapes and capacities designed and manufactured according to the specification given by the customer.
Jesteśmy gotowi, we współpracy z naszymi partnerami, podjąć się dostaw opakowań z tektury, w kształcie i z nadrukami odpowiadającymi indywidualnym potrzebom klientów.

Our big experience allows us to effectively recognize and understand the custom needs of our customers. Regardless of the industry represented by the customer, size or location, we adapt to its needs related to product characteristics, delivery methods, and other order-related issues.